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Starting not one but two new fashion brands while continuing to grow Conjetta Designs. We’ve got this. Right? 

Anyone reading this has done their fair share of shopping and scouring the web for clothing that looks great on and fits in with the rest of your closet, hello fashionistas! But, like the rest of the world, shopping online and in person has changed, there is more emotion, care, and concern behind it. 

How is this brand sustainable - Who is making the clothing - What is the company's backstory - Do I need another pair of shoes (usually that one’s a yes)   

As we announce these two brands and watch them grow together, we always want to be transparent with you regarding our inspiration, creative process, and values. Also it is just fun to share our progress with you!

Continue reading to learn about the individualities each brand brings to the table. Do you see yourself shopping at one over the other, or both? 


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Elaine Lewis is working to close growing gaps in the fashion industry, creating pieces that can transition day to night, spring to fall, and year to year. We're talking closet staples people! 

Take it from Connie, one our CEO's and Creative Director:

"After countless hours spent online shopping throughout the pandemic, and buying very little, I realized that most brands were missing key details that I was looking for in my wardrobe:


  • Fashion forward clothing that won’t look dated in 6 months (or make me look like a 34-year-old trying to look like a 24-year-old!)

  • Comfortable silhouettes that work for everyday occasions, but still looked polished enough for work

  • Sustainably and ethically made garments that don’t look as if they were made on a pre-historic handloom (or an off-the-grid hippie commune!)

  • High-quality, well-made garments that would physically last at least as long as their styling stayed current


This phenomenon had me scratching my head. “I’m LITERALLY a professional in the fashion industry. I can and will change this.”

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Our mission is as follows: By creating sustainable wardrobe essentials and investment pieces with a timeless yet rebellious approach, we have found our voice in the modern woman. Our goal is to amplify her message of confidence and sophistication whether she’s taking care of business or just having fun!
Who is this modern woman? Well, she may take time to travel, curse in her business meetings, stop for a selfie, raise educated children, and invest in her wardrobe and community. We just love her!



Elaine Lewis’ sister company has a lot of the same core values, but with differences that align with a younger customer.  




Inspired by the irie lifestyle, Gyal Bashy travels with the nomadic woman. Our collection pays homage to the vibrant beauty of the Caribbean Diaspora. Silhouettes are promised to be flattering and forgiving, perfect for women of all shapes and sizes. Because there is nothing worse than a promising shirt on a hanger that somehow transforms when your in the dressing room.

By combining our wanderlust and love of fashion with our desire to be eco-conscious, we developed a range of resort and travel-friendly apparel and accessories. We create breezy garments ready for the island sun and cozy knits for winter escapes. With a diverse color palette and versatile styling, Gyal Bashy is the perfect travel companion whether you are headed to the beach, the mountains, or any other favorite destination.

Dayne, one our CEO's and Business Manager 

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For both Gyal Bashy and Elaine Lewis sustainability, that word we hear all the time, is truly at our core. Our efforts for both brands include ethical factories with trusted suppliers, recycled fabrics and fibers, and on-going research of the best practices for a fashion brand. 
We are inspired by women who feel good in their own skin, love themselves, and aren’t afraid to show it. Our silhouettes for both brands will be flattering for all body types and will range from XS-3X. When it comes time to market our clothing, all sizes and ethnicities will be represented. 




So I guess you could say yes we are insane, insanely brilliant! (that was cheesy, but we couldn't help ourselves) There is a lot of work ahead but we are ready for the ride! Gyal Bashy and Elaine Lewis will be launching this Summer along with pre-sales you won't want to miss out on! 

We have so much more to share with you! To learn more about each brand, join the mailing lists and follow us on social media through the links below.