Written by our Technical Designer, Lauren Zertan

A tech pack is an extremely important tool when working to develop an idea into a physical product.  But first

what is a
tech pack?


For apparel and accessories, the tech pack is a cohesive document that designers create to communicate their ideas to the manufacturer. It typically includes a list of measurement specs, fully detailed flat sketches, materials list and color details, trims, labels, packaging, and any other details needed to produce a sample.

Tech packs also serves as a single space for internal communication between designers and other teams, such as sourcing.  Throughout each product’s lifecycle, the tech pack serves as a single space to record all the changes, requests, and sampling details that have occurred from initial development through production.


Since the tech pack is the main communication tool between a designer and a factory, the more detailed a tech pack is, the less room there is for error. Product samples (and eventually production) can only be as good as your tech pack! 

Since most factories today are overseas, it is super important that the tech pack is clear and easy translatable to avoid communication breakdown, costly mistakes, and timeline delays. A strong tech pack with clear call outs, image examples and photos are key to making sure all details are accounted for and no details are left to the factory’s discretion.  


flip through a Conjetta Designs tech pack

Untitled-1 copy.png
Untitled-1 copy.png

A clear and complete tech pack is also key to controlling price, quality, and ultimately customer satisfaction. As it is used by the factory to provide an initial quote, a full and complete tech pack is the best way to receive the initial quote quickly with accurate breakdown of costs for materials and labor, which keeps you in control of your cost and margins.  

You’re also in control of your quality and construction requirements, as they can be listed clearly to outline your expectations for production.  Maintaining a complete and clear tech pack for every style is the best way to insure you have a quality, on-time product to deliver that will always meet your customer’s expectations and allow your brand to grow.