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  • What if I already have my technical sketches?
    While many new clients have sketches and may have some fashion background and knowledge, their sketching ability may or may not translate into factory-ready technical sketches. We are happy to use your sketch as a starting point, but as our sketch library is populated ­­into our workflow, using another sketch that doesn't use the same stroke widths, programmed stitch brushes, design details, etc., often slows our technical team's efficiencies so we are not able to offer any discounts to your package based on this fact.
  • What if I already have my designs complete with colors and mood boards?
    Great! This would have been discussed during your discovery call and if you have already completed that part, then the pricing of your package reflects the fact that Conjetta Designs team will not have to provide a design brief. If you are providing your own design sketches, these must be submitted in vector format. You must also include all prints and graphics in vector format, with Pantone color codes called out, in a seamless to-scale repeat (as applicable), and with dimensions clearly marked. Otherwise, a design brief cost will have to be added to your package.
  • Will I have to pay for anything else?
    Your quoted package includes everything that comes along with development. This includes factory sample fees, trim mold fees, screening or dying fees, overseas shipping fees and any other incidentals that really can add up. If you need additional salesman samples, these will be an additional cost. Your package price does not include your bulk production costs, duties, tariffs, or freight for bulk production orders.
  • I already have my own patterns; can I get a discount for providing them?
    Excellent! If you already have your own patterns, you must also provide your specs and POMs that align with your patterns as well as a How to Measure guide. We can only accept .dxf pattern files. If you provide your own patterns, we must perform a pattern check before sending to our factory for the sample making process. A charge of $150 per hour applies to pattern checks for outside patterns. This typically takes 2-3 hours. In addition, most clients do not have their specs or POMs clearly listed. If we must create the specs, POMS and How to Measure guide, we will consider your pattern package incomplete, and the full pattern charge will apply to your package.
  • I already have specs; will that save me any money on the package rate?
    We will gladly use your specs as a starting point, but we will need to perform a spec analysis to make sure that the specs provided match the design and fit you wish to achieve. You must also provide a How to Measure guide based on how you are measuring your specs. The specs must be provided to us in .xlxs format and the How to Measure guide must be in excel or pdf format to be accepted. A spec analysis will be charged at a rate of $150 per hour and a spec analysis typically takes 2 to 3 hours.
  • I already have my own factory; can I just use them to produce my garments?
    Absolutely! We love connecting with new factories! If you have a factory picked out, we will gladly perform a factory assessment of your chosen factory. A factory assessment by our team checks for capabilities, quality control, compliance, location, ethics, and timeliness. A factory assessment costs $350 and if we determine they are not a good fit for the project after the assessment, we will not be able to move forward with them. However, if we decide they are a good fit, Conjetta Designs will act as the main point of contact for the factory throughout the duration of the project. Unfortunately, we have found that clients acting as a liaison only slows us down and creates inefficiencies across the process. In addition, it creates more paperwork and team effort to follow up with multiple parties.
  • Can I source my own hangtags to save money on my package?
    You are welcome to source your own hangtags, but you must provide a vendor address, contact, component number and quality samples. In addition, you will have to pay for the hangtags and the shipment from your hangtag source to the factory producing your garments.
  • I'd rather work with a USA factory; do you source domestically?
    We have domestic capabilities as well as overseas manufacturing options. Development fees for domestic manufacturing vary greatly and you will need to request a new package rate based on domestic manufacturing. There are many limitations to domestic manufacturing and some designs will simply not be able to be produced in the Unites States.
  • Why does the process take so long? I got other quotes for less time.
    As shipping times have increased greatly due to worldwide shipping crises, our timelines have been affected. In addition, our team does not rush the process. High quality custom product creation can take a few iterations to get just right. We allow ample time for fabric sourcing, sampling, fitting and wear testing, which creates an extended timeline.
  • If I do more styles in the future can I get a better package price?
    Actually, yes! The first few styles we develop for our clients require a lot of startup work, which can include things like hangtag and trim design and development, fabric quality standards, basic body measurements, approved spec and grading ratios based on your target market. Future style development often shows a reduction in price, as many of the groundwork has already been performed! In addition, you can get better overall rates by doing more styles at a time. We typically offer bulk discounts based on developing 5-10 styles at a time, and further discounts for developing 10-20+ in one package.
  • How do I pay for production and who do I pay?
    Conjetta Designs is your manufacturer, and you will submit your purchase order for bulk production directly to us. While some clients wish to be in direct contact with the supplier, we have worked many years to develop our factory relationships and we do not share this proprietary information. As we produce orders for many customers, we are able to get our clients better pricing on both production and logistics than they can often achieve going direct to factories.
  • When do I pay for production?
    You will submit a deposit for 50% of your production order at PO submittal. We are unable to confirm your units or your ship date until the deposit is paid in full. The remaining 25% is due at BOL or AIR WAYBILL and then the final 25% is due when the product lands in the US. For larger brands with established credit, we can discuss better payment terms, perhaps lower deposit and Net 30.


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