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Accelerating Apparel Production Timelines: Our Approach

For fashion brands to compete, every moment counts, yet many brands grapple with prolonged development cycles and production lead times that hinder their competitive edge. As seasoned experts in the industry, we specialize in guiding our clients through these obstacles, offering tailored solutions to expedite their development and production processes to get them to product launch faster.

Raw materials supply chain, yarn spinning machine
Yarn Spinning Facility: A Beginning Stage in the Supply Chain

Supply Chain Delays: Apparel Production Timeline's Biggest Enemy

Drawing from our wealth of experience, we strategically advise our clients on mitigating supply chain disruptions through:

  1. Strategic Sourcing to Improve Apparel Production Timelines: Leveraging our extensive network of reliable suppliers, we assist clients in diversifying their sourcing channels, reducing dependency on single suppliers, and fortifying their supply chains against unforeseen disruptions.

    1. Consider suppliers' strengths when choosing a production team! With over 50 production partners globally, we are in a position to choose the right production team, leveraging their strengths and sticking with product categories, fabrics, and finishing techniques they are best at. Wasting time trying to get a project to work with the wrong partner that does not specialize in that category can waste months of time during the development process.

    2. Design into existing fabrics instead of trying to create something 'new'. We encourage our clients to begin the design process by sourcing available fabrics. We incorporate this approach for our clients by first creating fabric and trim mood boards that feature available fabrics and trims that we then design into. This process saves 8-12 weeks from the development timeline and can save up to 60 days from the production lead time!

  2. Proactive Planning and Communication for Faster Apparel Production Timelines: Our proactive approach involves meticulous forecasting, early identification of potential challenges, and transparent communication with suppliers. By establishing clear production timelines at the start along with contingency plans to address potential delays, we empower our clients to navigate supply chain complexities with confidence.


Before we dive into the next section of Apparel Production Timelines, are you thinking about your current sources and supply chains? Are they meeting your needs? Are they meeting deadlines? If not, maybe we can help! Schedule a free call below to discuss your current supply chain and see if we can help troubleshoot!

Streamlining Processes to Improve Apparel Production Timelines

Drawing from our wealth of experience, we strategically advise our clients on mitigating supply chain disruptions through:

  1. Technology Integration: Harnessing cutting-edge technology such as PLM and Project Management softwares while using automations help clients optimize their planning, communication, and data organization. We equipped our PLM platform with ready made tech details, spec packages, ASTM sewing call outs and more, greatly reducing the time required for tech pack buildout. Through the use of AI and 3D modeling, we help reduce rounds of fit samples in order to land on an approved pattern earlier in the process.

  2. Production Batching Methods: Through intentional designs that share fabrics and trims we can achieve small-batch production, enabling clients to embrace agility in their manufacturing operations. By batching production into manageable volumes that share fabrics, processes and trims, we minimize setup times, mitigate waste, and empower clients to swiftly respond to evolving market demands.

Project Management software for Fashion Manufacturing
An inside look our client Project Management board

Enhancing Quality Control Measures to Accelerate Timelines

Our expertise extends to enhancing quality control measures, ensuring our clients deliver flawless products while minimizing production lead times:

  1. Optimized Testing: With a focus on efficiency without compromise, we streamline testing protocols by prioritizing critical tests and partnering with top testing labs in the world. By leveraging already tried and tested fabrics, we expedite the approval process without sacrificing product integrity.

  2. Collaboration: Through collaborative partnerships with suppliers, service providers, and our clients, we instill a culture of quality consciousness across the supply chain. By equipping suppliers with the necessary data and communicating clear expectations, we preempt defects and compliance issues, reducing the need for rework and accelerating time-to-market.

Our clients seek us out because they have a complex idea, something new that they have not been able to find in the market. While researching and developing a new product or concept can cause countless supply chain delays, by providing tailored strategies, innovative solutions, and unwavering support, we empower our clients to overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and emerge as frontrunners in the launch of their unique product!

Connie Bourgeois

Connie Bourgeois founded Conjetta Designs with the belief that investing in young talent is crucial for the next generation of designers to succeed and prosper. By sharing her extensive knowledge of design, development, sourcing, logistics, merchandising, and brand building, with both her team and her clients, Connie fosters an environment of collaboration, innovation and growth.


Ready to accelerate your product development and production timelines?et's discuss how we can help streamline your processes and enhance your market presence.

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