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Top Color Trends for Spring 2025: A Comprehensive Report

As the creative director at Conjetta Designs, I am dedicated to uncovering the most captivating Spring 2025 color trends for our clients. Through a blend of meticulous trend analysis, industry insights, and intuitive foresight, we navigate the vibrant landscape of the upcoming season. Among the standout hues, Sapphire blue commands attention with its bold sophistication, while Peach Whip offers a soft, romantic allure. Sunny shades of Yellow and Coral infuse designs with vitality and optimism, promising to brighten runways and wardrobes alike.

Guiding our clients in translating these colors into compelling designs requires a deep understanding of color psychology and consumer preferences. With this expertise, we empower our clients to craft collections that resonate deeply with their target audience, fostering excitement and loyalty. Every design detail, from stitch to silhouette, is infused with intention, creating an immersive experience that transcends mere fashion.

For a comprehensive exploration of Spring 2025 color trends, I invite you to join our email list to receive the full color report, complete with curated palettes and exclusive insights. Let's embark on a journey of creative expression and sartorial innovation together, as we embrace the vibrant palette of the season and set new trends in motion.

Connie Bourgeois

Connie Bourgeois founded Conjetta Designs with the belief that investing in young talent is crucial for the next generation of designers to succeed and prosper. By sharing her extensive knowledge of design, development, sourcing, logistics, merchandising, and brand building, with both her team and her clients, Connie fosters an environment of collaboration, innovation and growth.


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