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with Deon Green

Well Rounded Girl, Owner and Founder

“If I had to describe Well Rounded Girl in one word it would be Disruptor. Well Rounded Girl listens to their community and resolves their pain points when it comes to plus-size apparel, operating from a place of love for body liberation and acceptance.” - Deon Green

When shopping for herself, Deon found that it was hard to find leggings that fit her body type. What she could find were out of her size, in a dull color, or couldn’t sustain a real workout. She began by sketching, on a napkin, a pair of leggings that would fix her problems, let the journey begin! To begin this process, she needed some help from someone who had experience with fashion design and development:

“The process as a novice designer was a long journey and connecting with the right people is critical. I want to thank @sewheidi for introducing me to Connie. Connie brought my journey full circle and I'm looking forward to working with her again for future projects.”

The journey came full circle thanks to Connie and Deon’s collaboration. To create a successful product, there needed to be silhouette changes, color research, pattern design, and so much more. When collaborating with Conjetta Designs to create her leggings, Deon knew one thing, that she wanted to stand out in the athleisure industry:

“What makes Well Rounded Girl unique is the leggings were designed to solve the see through, roll down, and poor quality issue. Well Rounded Girl was also created in the image of the owner and her tribe, the plus-size community. Well Rounded Girl is an American made and Veteran owned brand that focuses on fit, functionality, and quality of their apparel.”

When Deon first saw the hang tag that was custom made for her leggings, she was flooded with emotions and knew she had made the right decision in seeking help to develop Well Rounded Girl. This was not an overnight project, Deon has put her heart and soul into the brand, ensuring all aspects were carefully thought out with future customers in mind. Although it has been a long journey, it’s not done yet:

“The future of Well Rounded Girl is super bright! We're building a diverse community of women who are making major moves in and out of our leggings. I would love to see WRG sold in every major outlet and on the bodies of amazing women who are living their best life. My goals are to solve more problems the plus-size community may have with athleisure wear. I want to further build on my line by offering more high-quality designs with pockets, bolder prints, 3/4 lengths and extend my sizes.

Well Rounded Girl leggings are currently available for pre-sale right now on Follow Well Rounded Girl on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on the latest and greatest with the company and Deon!


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